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Bespoke Nets

Bespoke Nets

Made-to-order Bespoke Nets

All our products are manufactured in-house. We can make nets to any dimensions. With a huge stock of unfinished nets in all mesh sizes, as well as a variety of colour options for the purpose of cutting and seaming, we are equipped to fulfil your unique requirements.

No matter how complex your specification, we will work with you to provide the right net for your project. The only restriction on size is weight - i.e. the bigger a net is, the heavier it will be, which will make it harder to handle and fit. A 60kg net is normally about as much as most fitters can deal with, although in 50mm mesh, this will cover an area of 3,000 square metres.



Bespoke nets can normally be seamed and despatched within 3 days, depending on the overall size and quantity.

If you have any specific requirements, please call 01326 221514 to discuss or use the online form on our Contact page.

Bespoke Size Knotted Sparrow Netting
  £1.32 (£1.58 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted  Sparrow Netting. Our sparrow netting is made using heavy-duty UV stabilised polyethylene, able to withstand...

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Starling Netting
  £0.80 (£0.96 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted  Starling Netting. Starlings are one of the most widespread garden birds. They survive on a diet of fruit and...

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Pigeon Netting
  £0.38 (£0.46 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted Pigeon Netting. Our pigeon netting is specially designed to help prevent possible damage to buildings, gutters and...

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Seagull Netting
  £0.36 (£0.43 inc VAT)

In stock

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