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Knotted 75mm Seagull Netting



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Coastal towns and cities commonly have a large seagull population causing problems with noise, smell and droppings. When scavenging for food gulls can rip open refuse sacks, leaving waste everywhere – this can look untidy and attract rodents. They have also been known to snatch food from people's hands, particularly in spring when the young birds are in the nest and the adults become more aggressive. For local businesses, this can become a nightmare, as the birds can discourage visitors.

A humane way to deter the birds from roosting and nesting on roofs, help is at hand with our knotted seagull netting. The heavy-duty UV-stabilised polyethylene will keep seagulls away from your work environment without causing them any harm or injury.

With a mesh size of 75mm and breaking strength of 14kg, the seagull netting is available in black or translucent, so it will seamlessly blend in with your décor and won't detract from your business's aesthetic appearance.

Product description

Mesh size: 75mm

Breaking strength: 14kg

Weight per square metre: 0.020kg


Please select the size & colour that you require from the dropdown menu above.  If you would like a bespoke size then please see our Bespoke Seagull Netting

For alternative sizes or more information, please call us on 01326 221 514. 


All prices exclude delivery and VAT. All deliveries to Scottish Highlands or outside mainland UK will be charged extra.

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