Bird Netting

Birds are one of the major headaches for the agricultural sector and for people who grow crops, often feasting on the produce. They also cause problems by congregating in urban areas, where their droppings can create a health hazard.

As a humane preventative approach, our environmentally friendly, non-toxic netting will cause the birds no harm – you will simply stop them from landing on either your fruit and vegetable plants, or the buildings where they might roost. What’s more, there's no need for any other type of pest control, that could potentially harm the birds or the environment.

Bird netting offers a safe alternative to chemicals. While allowing those all- important pollinating insects to pass through, it does not trap the birds or cause them injury.

Henry Cowls provides various types of bird netting including knotted seagull, pigeon, starling and sparrow netting, that will also stop smaller species from devouring fruit and vegetable crops and seeds.

Seagull netting will deter the birds from roosting and nesting on roofs. We also manufacture sturdy, knotted pheasant netting, which will keep the birds in, rather than out!

Manufactured from heavy-duty, UV-stabilised polyethylene, our high-quality netting is durable and reusable - it can be cut to size with scissors if necessary. Retaining its shape and strength for up to 20 years, it is built to last, whatever the weather.

Made to order, whether you need the smallest, bespoke-size, knotted sparrow netting, or the sturdiest knotted seagull netting with a breaking strength of 14kg, we are happy to fulfil your individual requirements.

We also sell the tools and fixings required to install your nets - if you don't know exactly what you need, contact us for assistance.

To discuss your project further, please give us a call on 01326 221 514.

Knotted 50mm Pigeon Netting
  £7.75 (£9.30 inc VAT)

Pigeons can prove to be a major cause of building damage in towns and cities throughout the UK. In terms of horticulture, they are scavengers capable of devouring crops and seedlings. Our netting is specially designed to offer the most humane protection.

In stock

Small Bird Netting - 19mm
  £26.25 (£31.50 inc VAT)

In stock

Partridge Poults Netting - 28mm
  £16.25 (£19.50 inc VAT)

In stock

Pest Control Netting - 19mm
  £26.25 (£31.50 inc VAT)

In stock

Knotted 75mm Seagull Netting
  £7.25 (£8.70 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted Seagull Netting.

Regarded by many as one of the most aggressive birds in the UK, seagulls are found mainly in coastal cities and towns. They have been known to attack people as they scavenge for food, and cause huge problems with the smell, noise and mess they make on the roofs of buildings.

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Seagull Netting
  £0.36 (£0.43 inc VAT)

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Pigeon Netting
  £0.38 (£0.46 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted Pigeon Netting. Our pigeon netting is specially designed to help prevent possible damage to buildings, gutters and...

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Sparrow Netting
  £1.32 (£1.58 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted  Sparrow Netting. Our sparrow netting is made using heavy-duty UV stabilised polyethylene, able to withstand...

In stock

Bespoke Size Knotted Starling Netting
  £0.80 (£0.96 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted  Starling Netting. Starlings are one of the most widespread garden birds. They survive on a diet of fruit and...

In stock

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