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Pest Control Netting

Henry Cowls' pest control netting is designed to stop various bird species from creating a nuisance by eating crops or landing on buildings and leaving a mess.

Causing health related issues through their faeces, seagulls can also be a real noise nuisance and quite intimidating when they are nursing their young.  Our knotted 75mm seagull netting is a humane way to deter them from roosting and nesting on roofs.

Pigeons can cause similar problems in urban areas, and they also eat crops and seedlings. Our knotted 50mm pigeon netting can reliably stop pigeons from perching where they are not wanted.

We also provide knotted 28mm starling netting and knotted 19mm sparrow netting to stop smaller garden birds from eating fruit and vegetable crops.

Our knotted 38mm pheasant netting will keep birds in or out, as required.

Knotted 75mm Seagull Netting
  £7.25 (£8.70 inc VAT)

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted Seagull Netting.

Regarded by many as one of the most aggressive birds in the UK, seagulls are found mainly in coastal cities and towns. They have been known to attack people as they scavenge for food, and cause huge problems with the smell, noise and mess they make on the roofs of buildings.

In stock

Knotted 50mm Pigeon Netting
  £7.75 (£9.30 inc VAT)

Pigeons can prove to be a major cause of building damage in towns and cities throughout the UK. In terms of horticulture, they are scavengers capable of devouring crops and seedlings. Our netting is specially designed to offer the most humane protection.

In stock

UV Stabilised Polyethylene Knotted Pheasant Netting.

Whether to keep birds in or out, we provide heavy-duty pheasant netting by the acre to gamekeepers and breeders across the UK.

In stock

Knotted 28mm Starling Netting
  £16.25 (£19.50 inc VAT)

Smaller than blackbirds, starlings are one of Britain’s most common garden birds. They roost in great numbers, mainly in plantations and city centres. They live off insects and fruits – so can prove quite the pest to avid gardeners.

In stock

Knotted 19mm Sparrow Netting
  £26.25 (£31.50 inc VAT)

Sparrows are one of the UK’s smallest birds. They roost in building cavities and create untidy nests of loose grass and rubbish. To deter sparrows from setting up home, or from feeding on fruit and vegetable crops, you need a small mesh netting.

In stock

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