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Poultry Netting

Henry Cowls' high-quality poultry netting is suitable for housing a wide range of fowl on farms, allotments, or in gardens. Choose from 50mm peacock and geese netting, 38mm chicken and duck netting, 28mm bantam and chick netting, or 19mm pest control netting to keep predators out.

Our strong and durable poultry netting will keep your birds in their run and will keep pests such as foxes out. A cost-effective solution for keeping poultry enclosed, it is suitable for the sides or roof of a chicken run.

Available in various sizes and colours, it is flexible enough to be used for runs of all shapes and designs.

Peacock & Geese Netting - 50mm
  £7.75 (£9.30 inc VAT)

Peacock & Geese Netting   Mesh Size:  50mm Breaking Strength:  14kg Weight per Square Metre:...

In stock

Chicken & Duck Netting   Mesh Size:  38mm Breaking Strength:  14kg Weight per Square Yard:  0.023kg  ...

In stock

Bantam & Chick Netting - 28mm
  £16.25 (£19.50 inc VAT)

Bantam & Chicken Netting   Mesh Size:  28mm Breaking Strength:  14kg Weight per Square Metre:  0.045kg  ...

In stock

Pest Control Netting - 19mm
  £26.25 (£31.50 inc VAT)

Pest Control Netting   Mesh size:  19mm Breaking strength:  14kg Weight per square metre:  0.058kg Colour:...

In stock

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