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The bullfinch is a small and colourful species of bird that is found across the UK. In years gone by, it was a popular pet bird, as it was able to imitate a flute or whistle.

While January might be one of the least active times of the year for gardeners, there are still plenty of things you can be getting on with as the New Year dawns.

Now's the time to start preparing your Christmas jams and chutneys - which can make perfect gifts for the person who has everything! Something homemade will be much appreciated and it will show you've put a lot of effort into the present.

The contribution that nets and ropes made to the Allied troops during the first and second world wars is something that is sometimes overlooked, but without the efforts of net-manufacturers, many important military products wouldn't have been available.

Jamaican singer and songwriter Bob Marley's unique blend of African rock and reggae music made him an international star - and few songs had more impact than his 1977 hit, Jammin'. It became a surprise UK dance floor-filler, introducing a new generation of young fans to his music.

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