Chelsea Flower Show 2017

 09 May 2017  Blog

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is due to take place between 23rd and 27th May. As the world's most prestigious flower show, it inspires millions of people by showcasing the ultimate in garden design and horticultural expertise. With its long and fascinating history, the annual show fills its 157,000-capacity ground every year, with tickets selling out almost as soon as they go on sale.



It's no surprise Chelsea Flower Show is so popular, as it's been running since 1862. Originally called the Royal Horticultural Society Great Spring Show, it was first held at Kensington's RHS Garden, before moving to its current site in Chelsea General Hospital grounds in 1913.

The only time it was cancelled was during World War Two, when the War Office needed the land but by popular demand, it returned in 1947. Traditionally, all the show's gardens are built in 19 days but they are dismantled in just five! The longest-lived garden was American exhibitor, Sherman Hoyt's cacti display in 1929. The plants and their painted backdrop were donated to Kew Gardens, where they were exhibited for more than half a century.



Aimed at encouraging people to learn about and interact with horticulture, the exhibits are a fascinating mix of floral garden designs, fruit gardens and educational designs. Themes as diverse as the ecosystem benefits of plants; food crop production; plant conservation and how they adapt to climate change; horticulture's relationship with people's health and wellbeing; and plant science are covered. There is no set theme for the show - entrants are encouraged to choose one that fits in with its broad guidelines.


Fruit gardens

This year's exhibits include many fruit gardens, including Clacton-based Ken Muir's Fruiting Strawberries and the Greening Grey Britain Garden. Set in the context of growing your own when you live in an apartment or confined space, it includes an "edible" table that seats eight and has fruit and herbs growing within it.

Pennard Plants' exhibit will reveal unusual ways to grow fruit that includes rarer plants, while Tom Smith Plants will display their garden based on container-grown fruit and vegetables.


Create your own fruit garden

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