Finding Nemo

 19 Sep 2017  Blog

An animated adventure from Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures, Finding Nemo tells the tale of a clownfish called Marlin who sets off across the ocean with his buddy Dory in search of his abducted son Nemo. Taking Marlin and Dory way out of their comfort zone in the quest to find the lost boy, they have many adventures and take risks that leave them in danger.

The 2003 film was a huge hit with audiences, taking $871 million at the box office to make it the second highest-grossing film of the year. Some major stars created the voices of the animated characters including Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, who has short-term memory loss, Albert Brooks as Marlin and Alexander Gould as Nemo.

During the search for Nemo (who has ended up as someone's domestic pet), the search party meets many other fish along the way. New pals include Gill (Willem Dafoe), a fish who lives in a dental surgery aquarium; a pelican called Nigel (Geoffrey Rush) who is friends with the fish; and even a vegetarian great white shark (Barry Humphries) who has conquered his natural urges to eat fish and befriends them instead!

Written and directed by Andrew Stanton, the film sees Nemo, Marlin and Dory face a few life-threatening situations, not least of which are their encounters with the movie's famous seagulls.

We first see the seagulls squabbling and cawing "Mine!" after they spot Nigel the pelican with a crab in his wing that he's preparing to devour. The hapless crab is about to become dinner but is spared when Nigel hears the horrifying news that Marlin has lost his son and is trying to search for him. Despite the best efforts of the gulls, they're unable to catch the crab after it escapes a distracted Nigel's clutches.

Continuing to hamper their quest, the seagulls play a recurring role in Finding Nemo, later popping up and surrounding Marlin and Dory. Confusion reigns, as Marlin and Dory try to escape from Nigel in the mistaken belief he's trying to eat them. In fact, he just wants to talk to them to tell them he knows Nemo's whereabouts. The flock of seagulls surrounds Marlin and Dory and prepares to eat them but they're saved by Nigel. The determined gulls won't give up the chase but eventually they crash into a boat, beak first, halting them in their tracks.

Later in the film, when Dory and Nemo have been reunited, the seagulls try to extract information from a crab about where Marlin has gone this time! Dory threatens to feed the crab to the seagulls unless he co-operates and gives them the information they need.

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