Game Bird Netting

The control and protection of game birds in the UK is crucial for game bird breeders to maintain investment their stock. Game birds and their chicks can be at risk of predators such as cats, squirrels, mice, and rats, as well as stoats and weasels. Game bird netting is essential to keep these birds and their chicks and eggs safe during breeding season.

Game Bird Netting Suppliers

As one of the UK’s most established game bird netting suppliers, Henry Cowls stocks a large selection of game bird netting to help protect birds such as pheasants and partridge poults from predators.

Available in a selection of sizes, the strong and durable netting will also stop the birds from escaping.

Best Netting for an Adult Pheasant

An adult pheasant can grow to over half a metre in height and requires strong and durable netting to keep it contained and protected. Henry Cowls’ knotted 38mm pheasant netting is manufactured from super stabilised polyethylene knotted mesh. The 38mm netting is best for young pheasants, while a large 50mm netting mesh is also available for the adult pheasant population.

Best Netting for Partridge Poults

Breeders of partridge poults for sale in the UK can use Henry Cowls’ 28mm mesh game bird netting.

The game bird netting for both adult pheasants and partridges come in large sizes, from 5m x 5m for smaller game bird runs or pen nets, to a more expansive 20m x 20m for larger scale breeding environments.

The incredibly strong and durable nature of the netting allows it to be removed and re-established multi times without losing the integrity of the mesh. In fact, the game bird netting lasts up to 20 years, which means that it more than pays for itself in the protection of game birds year after year.

Game bird netting can be used as side or roof netting to contain the pheasants and partridge poults and can be used extensively in breeding and laying pens.

Sizes include 28mm partridge poults netting, 38mm pheasant poults netting and adult pheasant netting in 50mm knotted square mesh.

UV-stabilised, the lightweight mesh is cost-effective, rot and rust-free, easy to handle and has a high tensile strength. If you would like to discuss your game bird netting needs in more detail Henry Cowls is at the end of a phone on 01326 221514, or simply tell us your requirements by filling in the enquiry form here.

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Knotted 38mm Pheasant Netting

from £7.25

Partridge Poults Netting - 28mm

Mesh Size: 28mm Breaking Strength: 14kg Weight per Square Metre: 0.045kg  UV Protected Heavy Duty Polyethylene Lasts Up to 20 Years Available in Black, Stone, or...
from £21.45

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