Poultry Netting

Henry Cowls' high-quality poultry netting is suitable for housing a wide range of fowl on farms, allotments, or in gardens. Choose from 50mm peacock and geese netting, 28mm bantam and chick netting, or 19mm pest control netting to keep predators out.

Our strong and durable poultry netting will keep your birds in their run and will keep pests such as foxes out. This poultry netting for chicken runs is a cost-effective solution for keeping poultry enclosed.

Available in various sizes and colours, it is flexible enough to be used for runs of all shapes and designs.

Does Poultry Netting Work?

In short, yes, poultry netting does work. The role of poultry netting is to protect birds, preventing them from flying into dangerous situations or standing in the way of predators that would otherwise cause harm. Similarly, it can work to keep birds away from your property while ensuring that their well-being is prioritised.

The Best Poultry Netting for Peacocks and Geese

Our peacock and geese netting has a mesh size of 50mm and lasts up to 20 years. It doesn’t absorb water and acts as a humane deterrent so that you can rest assured that your peacocks and/or geese are safe and secure.

Poultry Netting in the UK for Bantams and Chicks

Our bantam and chick netting has a mesh size of 28mm and can last up to two decades. This is another humane deterrent, and it’s also building-friendly and great for covering crops.

Buy Poultry Netting for Pest Control Purposes

Perhaps you don’t have birds to protect, but rather, you’re looking to shield your property from the effects of birds. If so, our pest control netting is for you. This type of poultry netting works to deter birds from buildings and crops, all while ensuring that they’re not harmed in the process.

Shop Nets for Poultry at Henry Cowls

Whether you’re looking for chicken coup ideas or you need to protect your property from birds, Henry Cowls has got you covered. We provide all manner of poultry netting, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. What’s more, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’re able to provide bespoke options. Simply get in touch, and we’ll work together to create something that delivers what you need.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you care for your birds and your property.

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Pest Control Netting - 19mm

Mesh size: 19mm Breaking strength: 14kg Weight per square metre: 0.058kg Colour: Black, Stone or Translucent  Popular Choice for Humane Bird-Proofing UV Protected Building-Friendly Heavy Duty Polyethylene...
from £35.88

Peacock & Geese Netting - 50mm

Mesh Size: 50mmBreaking Strength: 14kgWeight per Square Metre: 0.020kgAvailable in Black, Stone, or Translucent UV Protected Lasts Up To 20 Years Non Water Absorbent...
from £10.22

Bantam & Chick Netting - 28mm

Mesh Size: 28mm Breaking Strength: 14kg Weight per Square Metre: 0.045kg  UV Protected Heavy Duty Polyethylene Lasts Up to 20 Years Available in Black, Stone, or...
from £21.45

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