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Bird netting, Sports netting & Fruit cages

Based in Helston, we specialise in the manufacture of bird netting, sports netting & fruit cages. We are happy to deliver to the UK, Europe & Worldwide.

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Multiple solutions for garden netting, bird netting and sport netting.
Henry Cowls has been honing its skills and expertise for more than 130 years from our dedicated manufacturing site, creating a range of custom nets for use in gardens, sports, and horticulture.

Bird Netting

Beautiful though they are, birds need to be controlled for a variety of reasons. Whether to protect sensitive crops or prevent damage to historical buildings, Henry Cowls has a wide range of bird netting in different sizes for a humane and environmentally friendly solution to bird pollution.

Whether you have a problem with seagulls roosting on your building roof, or smaller sparrows feasting on your strawberry plants, Henry Cowls has a range of different sizes – from 19mm to 75mm manufactured from heavy duty, UV-stabilised polyethylene that retains its strength and durability for up to 20 years.

Sports Netting

No two sports are alike when it comes to creating a safe environment the participants and spectators alike. Henry Cowls works proactively with sporting bodies across the UK, manufacturing and installing custom net solutions for cricket, football, rugby, golf, and tennis courts – both indoors and outdoors.

From producing the ‘back of the net’ netting for goals, to creating cricket practice nets, to preventing errant golf balls from straying beyond the boundaries of a golf course, Henery Cowls works with sporting bodies in creating a secure environment in which sporting prowess can flourish.

Garden Netting

Henry Cowls has worked with horticulturalists from the earliest days of soft and exotic fruit cultivation in the early twentieth century. Our garden netting products are proven to protect the growing crop in private and market gardens, smallholdings, and larger commercial farms for more than a century.

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