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Barrell Strainers
  £0.90 (£1.08 inc VAT)

Also called turnbuckles, these are used to keep the tension in wire ropes on netting frameworks. They have a hook at one end and an eye at the other, with a...

In stock

  £10.40 (£12.48 inc VAT)

Our grey steel wire is high-grade and reliably durable. Ideal for hanging our equally resilient bird control netting, this product can withstand the worst...

In stock

Copper Ferrules
  £8.95 (£10.74 inc VAT)

Copper ferrules promise a permanent, professional finish. With a 2.5mm diameter, they can be used with a stainless steel wire rope with a 2mm diameter to...

In stock

Hog Ring Stapler
  £30.18 (£36.22 inc VAT)

This tool is used with hog rings to attach the hog ring staples to the net in an easy one-handed operation. 

In stock

Hog Rings
  £9.65 (£11.58 inc VAT)

Once you’ve installed your perimeter cable to put up your netting, you’ll need some good quality hog rings to fix the net to the wire rope...

In stock

Beam Clips
  £49.95 (£59.94 inc VAT)

A beam clip is an intermediate fixing for netting attached to structural steel. Holding perimeter net wire rope firmly in place on structural steel beams,...

In stock

Net Shears
  £7.75 (£9.30 inc VAT)

An essential piece of equipment for trimming or cutting netting, our net shears are long-lasting, yet lightweight. They have high quality stainless steel...

In stock

Screw Eyes
  £19.19 (£23.03 inc VAT)

Screw eyes have a loop at one end and threads on the other. They’re often used to fix cables and are ideal when it comes to installing netting. Our...

In stock

Nylon Rivets
  £9.10 (£10.92 inc VAT)

Highly versatile, nylon rivets are equally applicable for concrete, brick or stone surfaces. Made from hardwearing nylon, the domed head at the top of a...

In stock

Split Pins
  £11.95 (£14.34 inc VAT)

Also known as cotter pins, these are good for the intermediate fixing of a small net to a surround wire. Easy to install, they also give you a neat-looking...

In stock

Corner Net Bolts
  £25.19 (£30.23 inc VAT)

Our heavy-duty corner net bolts ensure the solid, long-lasting construction of the net wire surround in your bird control system. Use on corners and at any...

In stock

Stainless Steel Self Drive Screws
  £24.70 (£29.64 inc VAT)

25mm stainless steel self drive screws, packs of 100

In stock

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