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Fruit Cages UK

Designed to withstand the great British weather, our aluminium and galvanised steel walk-in fruit cage options are built to stand the test of time. With the frame manufactured from corrosion-resistant metals, and peck-resistant netting, an investment in a walk-in fruit cage will keep your crops safe for years to come.

Your Henry Cowls garden fruit cage will protect your fruit from birds in a humane, non-toxic manner and will ensure that essential pollen-distributing bees and other wildlife can continue to carry out their important work.

Aluminium Walk-In Fruit Cage

The walk-in fruit cage is constructed using our heavy-duty, UV-stabilised polyethylene to make the net, guaranteeing that it will retain its shape for many years and preventing the cages from deteriorating through prolonged exposure to sunlight. For their strength and anti-rust benefits, we make our frames using a combination of
galvanised steel uprights and lightweight aluminium doorframes and crossbars.

Fruit and Vegetable Protection Cage

No matter the size of the area you want to protect, Henry Cowls’ fruit cage with a door is available in a range of standard sizes, from 2m x 2m, up to 8m x 8m. If you need a more custom-sized walk-in fruit cage, then drop us a line with your dimensions and any other specific requirements, and we will quote you directly.

Protect Fruit from Birds

Our premium walk-in fruit cage options will ensure that your crop is permanently protected from avian invaders. It is delivered to you in easy to assemble packs, containing the side and top net, fixings, and poles. Once assembled, the fruit cages are 2m tall, and you can walk into the fruit cage with no issues.

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