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Flame Retardant Knotted 50mm Pigeon Netting


Conforms to BS5867-2 Type B and UL-94

Mesh Size: 50mm

Breaking Strength: 14kg

Weight per Square Metre: 0.020kg 

Flame retardant nets are tested and certified to conform to UL-94 the Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances testing and are rated at V2 meaning that burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of flaming particles are allowed.

All our nets are manufactured from knotted polyethylene which does not absorb water, so does not stretch and is chemically inert. All of our nets are UV light stabilised for use in direct sunlight all over the globe. as an indication, it is likely to resist UV degradation in average UK sunlight conditions in excess of 10-years.

Our bird nets are constructed from mono-filaments designed specifically for bird net systems. They are extruded to 0.3mm thick strands and then twisted into twine 6 strands thick (12/6), with one strand coloured red to clearly distinguish it as Flame Retardant

  • Flame Retardant knotted HDPE pigeon control netting for use in high risk areas
  • Conforms to BS5867-2 Type B
  • Net shrinks away from a flame, limiting falling molten debris and minimising fire spread.
  • Black colour with a red strand to denote flame retardant properties
  • Does not absorb water, will not stretch and is chemically inert.
  • 50mm X 50mm mesh, U.V. light stabilised for use in direct sunlight
  • Cut-to-size service available to the nearest metre, please call for details 


Mesh Size: 50mm

Breaking Strength: 14kg

Weight per Square Metre: 0.020kg 

For an urban location

Use flame retardant netting for fire escapes for indoor nets i.e. warehouse ceilings, car parks and other public enclosed or semi enclosed areas, over plant and machinery .

Bird Netting is one of the most popular methods used for protecting structures against all common species of urban bird pest. Its success is due principally to the fact that if it is installed correctly then it is virtually the only system that can be used with confidence in places subject to high levels of bird infestation and where birds are roosting at night.

For a rural location

Providing valuable protection for seedlings and both young and more established crops, pigeon nets can be used on their own or in conjunction with your other bird scaring devices.

About our knotted pigeon netting

A humane deterrent, our pigeon netting products are constructed from heavy duty, non-stretch, stabilised polyethylene and fully protected against the damage that can be caused by UV light. Combined with the proven most effective mesh size of 50mm, this netting offers a superb breaking strength of 14kg and a light weight of just 0.020kg per square metre. It retains both its shape and its strength for up to two full decades – and it won’t absorb water, even throughout the many fluctuating weather conditions we often endure!

Ordering your bird exclusion netting

Simply select from our three colour options and ten standard size pigeon nets and click ‘Add to Cart’. Of course, we are also happy to create bespoke-sized knotted pigeon netting. If you still have any questions, we would be happy to help you through the selection process. Please call 01326 221514… we are ready to take your call!

Other bird problems?

We also provide alternative gauges and net styles for many other bird problems - click here for all our choices.

All prices exclude delivery. All deliveries to Scottish Highlands or outside mainland UK will be charged extra.

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