Pest Control Netting

Henry Cowls' pest control netting is designed to stop various bird species from creating a nuisance by eating crops or landing on buildings and leaving a mess. Naturally, there are many species of birds, which means we have various types of bird netting for roofs to suit. Discover more about our pest control roof netting below.

Seagull Netting for Flat Roofs

Causing health-related issues through their faeces, seagulls can also be a real noise nuisance and quite intimidating when they are nursing their young. Our knotted 75mm seagull netting is a humane way to deter them from roosting and nesting on roofs.

Roof Bird Netting for Pigeons

Pigeons can cause similar problems in urban areas, and they also eat crops and seedlings. Our knotted 50mm pigeon netting can reliably stop pigeons from perching where they are not wanted.

Aviary Roof Netting for Smaller Birds

We also provide knotted 28mm starling netting and knotted 19mm sparrow netting to stop smaller garden birds from eating fruit and vegetable crops.

Bird Pest Control Netting for Pheasants

Our knotted 38mm pheasant netting is designed to be placed on top of breeding pens. This type of netting works to protect your pheasants, ensuring they can’t fly into dangerous situations, and they also can’t be threatened by predators.

Flame-Retardant Bird Netting for Pest Control Purposes

If you’re looking to protect a high-risk area from the presence of birds and the effects of such, then you’ll want to opt for one of our flame-retardant options. Our flame-retardant bird netting for commercial buildings is available in 50mm or 19mm meshes, meaning you can ward off pigeons and seagulls alike, all while ensuring the safety of your building isn’t compromised.

Bird Well-Being

While we understand that birds can be a nuisance, the last thing we want to do is cause them harm. It’s for this reason that our pest control netting is designed to deter birds from entering environments in which they shouldn’t be, rather than harm them.

Shop Roof and Garden Pest Netting at Henry Cowls

From commercial bird netting to prevent pests from making a mess of your business premises to pest netting for vegetables to keep birds from pecking away at your crops, Henry Cowls has got you covered. Whether you’re looking to protect your birds or shield your building or garden from the effects of birds, be sure to add one of our aviary nets to your cart.

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Knotted 50mm Pigeon Netting

Whether your aim is to protect your valuable crops against scavenging pigeons or to prevent or deal with feral invasions in an urban environment,...
from £10.22

Knotted 75mm Seagull Netting

Seagulls can be one of the most aggressive birds you are likely to meet in towns across the UK.  Gulls regularly attack people and...
from £9.57

Knotted 28mm Starling Netting

Starlings are the most common bird species in agricultural and urban areas. However, they are deemed to be a nuisance, because they tend to...
from £21.45

Knotted 19mm Sparrow Netting

Sparrow netting can be seen on buildings and structures in rural areas, towns and cities; where it is used to exclude sparrows and other...
from £35.88

Knotted 38mm Pheasant Netting

from £7.25

Flame Retardant Knotted 50mm Pigeon Netting

No-Flame nets our tested and certified to conform to UL-94 the Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and...
from £27.50

Flame Retardant Knotted 19mm Netting

No-Flame nets our tested and certified to conform to UL-94 the Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and...
from £53.00

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